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211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast’s database of community resources exists to help individuals in need gain access to services which can best address their need.  While 211’s staff try to give the most accurate and appropriate information and referrals possible, 211 is not responsible for the quality of services delivered by any agency to which inquirers are referred.  211 does not recommend or endorse agencies and is dependent on the information provided by participating agencies.  It is the policy of 211 to offer multiple options for inquirers whenever possible and appropriate. 



For inclusion in any database an organization must:

  • Provide health, human or community service or have a related role (funding, planning, coordinating or monitoring) in the health/human services arena.
  • Be operational, provide evidence of an established service site and provide consistent and timely contact information including an address and working telephone number; the only exception being an entity which is purely a website.
  • Have oversight with the exception of support groups.
  • Have been in business for a minimum of six months unless the agency
    • Is an affiliate of an established, recognized organization
    • Provides a much needed service not otherwise available in the community
  • Provide, as applicable, evidence of required licensure or accreditation.
  • Not deny services to individuals or groups on the basis of nationality, religion, gender, color, race, age, sexual orientation or any other category protected by civil rights laws.

The following classifications of organizations may be included in 211’s Community Database:

  • Non-profit health, human, and community service agencies meeting licensing or accreditation requirements as appropriate.
  • Government agencies and officials.
  • For-profit health, human and community service agencies as follows:
    • Assisted Living Facilities – licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration.
    • Bookkeeping/Bill-paying services – locally licensed.
    • Skilled Nursing Facilities – licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration; most recent rating must be provided.
    • Retirement Facilities/Communities – licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration.
    • Independent Living Facilities.
    • Durable Medical Equipment Providers – locally licensed
    • Home-delivered Meal Service – Must appear as an active organization within
    • Hospitals-JCAHO accredited
    • Home Health, Homemaker-Companion and Nurse Registry Agencies ¡V licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration; proof of liability insurance must be provided
    • Private Schools
    • Walk-in Medical Clinics
    • Geriatric Care Managers
    • Public Utility Companies that provide electric, gas or water within Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast
  • Substance Abuse Programs for profit or non-profit must be licensed by DCF or provide a DCF waiver.
  • Religious Organizations providing ancillary services such food banks or shelter, excluding the organizations religious service (such as a Sunday Church Service).
  • Informal/Not Incorporated Entities such as support groups, 800 numbers and websites are included at the discretion of 211
  • Special Needs Service Providers including physicians, dentists, tutors, therapists, counselors, attorneys, etc. who provide services to the Special Needs Population (age birth to 22 who have developmental disabilities/delays or behavioral/emotional problems), are included based on licensure and recommendations as to their unique services and abilities in serving this population.

If an agency/program does not (or no longer) meets the criteria listed in the inclusion section, 211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast reserves the right to refuse to list or to remove any resource within its database without notification. Additionally, any resource that meets any of the following exclusion criteria will not be listed or will be immediately purged from the data base without notice.


  • For Profit corporate organizations that are comprised of private practitioners that provide therapy, and/or psychiatry for a fee (unless the service provided is publically fundedcourt ordered, or in-home visits)
  • Individual mental health professionals are not included in the 211 database, as 211 accesses information online regarding these providers based on what insurance the caller has
  • Medical Practitioners are not included in the 211 database. The Medical Society maintains this information.
  • Private attorneys are not included in the 211 database. The Bar Association maintains this information.
  • Religious Organizations, in general

The following agencies/programs will be excluded if they:

  • Do not provide health, human or community service or have a related role (funding, planning, coordinating or monitoring) in the health/human services arena.
  • Are unlicensed, who lose their license, whose license has been suspended, and/or who are operating in an industry where licensing standards exist.
  • Promote or deliver illegal services and/or violate federal, state or local laws or regulations.
  • Misrepresent the service or organization in any manner or omit pertinent facts regarding their programs, services, organizational structure, fees, licensure or any other matter that contradicts inclusion criteria
  • Discriminate or deny service based on age, gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or promotes racism or bigotry.
  • Restrict services to members only



Agencies/programs which are under investigation for any type of wrongdoing or failure to meet the inclusion/exclusion standards will be “suspended” from use by means of removing keyword and taxonomy references. In the event the agency/program is cleared of suspicion, they will be reinstated by having keyword and taxonomy references restored. If they are found to be guilty of wrongdoing or failure to meet the inclusion/exclusion criteria, the agency and program listings will be removed from the database.

Agencies/programs will be removed from the database by the Director of Information and Technology, if the agency:

  • has not updated its program/agency information within a period of two years;
  • has had Database Specialist and/or 211 Staff make, no less than four attempts to obtain an update;
  • has received no referrals in the same two year period; and
  • has not responded to communication notifying them of removal from the community resource database.

Agencies/programs will be considered for deletion from the community resource database, if the agency:

  • has received 20 or less referrals over a two year period;
  • has not updated their information within that two year period; and
  • has not responded to communication notifying them of possible removal from the community resource database.

211 retains the right to maintain an agency/program in the community resource database even though it falls within the criteria for exclusion. This is done when the agency/program is viewed as providing needed services that are critical within the service area. In these cases, 211 staff will continue to make a concerted effort to obtain an update of the information.


211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast publishes many different Quick Guides.  They are generally targeted for either a special population and/or a specific geographic area, and are generally two sided one page documents. This means that not all resources are included, even though an organization may provide a service that would be appropriate for inclusion on the Quick Guide.

Inclusion within the Quick Guide is entirely at the discretion of 211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast.  The entity that is supporting or requiring the development of the Guide may also determine organizations from the 211 Community Database to be included, as appropriate.  Inclusion does not imply endorsement nor does omission imply a lack of endorsement by 211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast.   



Last Updated: 03-30-2018