PBC Community Groups & Organizations Serving the Community- Pallets of Free Food For Distribution

Hunger is a concern in our community, and the Palm Beach County Office of Community of Revitalization has teamed up with Living Hungry, Farms Share, the South Florida Hunger Coalition, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the School District of Palm Beach County, Nonprofits First and 100’s of charitable organizations to assist in the implementation of the War on Hunger Initiative. War on Hunger, spearheaded by Living Hungry, is about ensuring that no homeless kid or families in need go hungry by distributing free snack boxes and bags of food to all those in need. 
The group has worked together to obtain 100 truckloads of FEMA food boxes to distribute to our community.  Army barracks from across the United States are shipping this food and food donated by Farms Share, the South Florida Hunger Coalition and Feeding Florida to the Palm Beach Post Building (2751 S Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL  33405) and it will be available for pickup from March 20, 2018 – March 31, 2018 for distribution to all those in need.  Your community group or organization is being offered at this time a minimum of 1-2 pallets (250 boxes each).  The boxes contain items such as cereal, Chef Boyardee, trail mix, granola bars, Pop Tarts, pudding, and shelf stable milk. The goal is to feed as many people as possible, and feed again, until every food box goes out before the food’s expiration date which is July of 2018.
In order to schedule your pick-up time you must register by clicking on the following link:  https://doodle.com/poll/q85g262myrigs44v   When registering, please do the following:
1. Enter the name of your community or organization and the number of pallets desired (Example: Plantation Community, 2). 
2. Provide your email, telephone number and address
3. Provide your contact name and other desired information under comments
Registrations must be received by March 9, 2018.  Once registered, you will get a confirmation email. We are requesting that you please be on time and you bring at least 2 volunteers to help with the loading of the boxes.
NOTE:  If you need more than two (2) pallets or are currently part of one of the following community groups (Cabana Colony, Gramercy Park, Limestone Creek, Plantation Community, San Castle, and Seminole Manor), please DO NOT REGISTER USING THE LINK PROVIDED.   Please email me at rmoguill@pbcgov.org  and let me know how many pallets you need so I can coordinate pickup. Also, if you are interested in becoming a hub site and have the capacity to both pick up and store a minimum of six (6) pallets, please email me with your needs. 
We look forward to joining us in Operation War on Hunger to help us distribute food to all hungry people in Palm Beach County. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Houston L. Tate, OCR director, at htate@pbcgov.org or myself at rmoguill@pbcgov.org. Thank you.

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