211 HelpLine Staff Continue their Commitment to Provide High Quality and Caring Service to the Community


November 26, 2014- As the recent suicide tragedy of Robin Williams brought 211’s crisisline service to the foreground, 211 staff have continued to prove that they go above and beyond in the quality caring service that they provide. Meeting the tough standards set out by the American Association of Suicidology for Organization Accreditation is not an easy task for the nation’s crisis lines. 211 HelpLine has actually passed its accreditation exam and review by not only meeting the tough standards of the AAS but actually surpassing to go above and beyond what is required in several areas of service.

“The Board of Directors and, management and staff can be proud of the quality of service they offer to the community they serve,” stated the AAS examiner who went on to add “It was a pleasure to meet with such an energetic and dedicated staff!”

211 HelpLine is also accredited through the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems and The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline-assuring that people in life-threatening and other crisis are being assisted by staff that take seriously their commitment to provide service based on nationally recognized standards.

Out of the average 350 calls that 211 staff answer daily, 7 on average are from individuals concerned about their own suicidal crisis or those seeking help for a loved one or someone they know. For more information dial 2-1-1 or visit www. 211palmbeach.org or www.211treasurecoast.org.

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