Your Gift to 211 Helps Thousands! Participate in the Great Give May 5th-6th.

GREAT GIVE 24-hour online giving event starts May 5th runs 5:00pm to 5:00pm May 6th!

The GREAT GIVE is part of the largest online giving event in history. We are joining more than 100 community foundations across the country to raise millions of dollars for the greater good – all on a single day!

Every local gift will be multiplied with bonus dollars raised by the Community Foundation. GREAT GIVE will make every hour of May 6th meaningful by providing this unique opportunity for Palm Beach and Martin counties to raise significant funds that will make a direct, positive impact on the lives of our neediest residents. Opportunities for donors and organizations to win prizes will keep things fast-paced and exciting!

Your Gift to 211 Helps Thousands! Click here to make a difference!


Left to right: Susan Buza, Executive Director 211, Sunshine client Lillian Ziperman, Patrice Schroeder 211's PIO.

April 22, 2015- This year 211 HelpLine is excited to be a participant in the “GREAT GIVE” initiative being held “online” May 5-6th (5pm-5pm.) This event is spearheaded by the Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin County as well as the United Ways of Palm Beach and Martin Counties. This community-wide event will celebrate the spirit of giving and the collective effort it takes to strengthen our community by raising critical funds for local nonprofits such as 211.

211 HelpLine encourages everyone to support this effort and reminds readers that the Community Foundation will multiply each gift given. You can choose to support 211 by making a secure online donation through 211’s designated link

by clicking here

Last year the caring staff at 211 HelpLine worked around the clock to answer over 112,000 phone calls from people in need of essential services. Not only do the staff provide that warm caring voice at the other end of the line-they have literally saved lives. Staff average 300-350 calls per day with roughly 7 suicide related calls per day. On average 211 staff are there to comfort and guide 5 victims of domestic violence per day.

211 also features a Health Advocate program for people who are uninsured and struggling with health concerns. Recently a gentleman called in to speak with 211’s Health Advocate. He was in desperate need to see a doctor… but had no insurance. The 211 advocate was able to provide clinic referrals and to help him apply for food stamps and medical coverage. Subsequently he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. At this point he was in crisis. The 211 Health Advocate worked hard to get the medical coverage application expedited…as she knew that his Chemotherapy would not happen without this. She did succeed- and this gentleman is now feeling hopeful and is scheduled for treatment.

Staff and volunteers for 211’s Sunshine program call over 500 seniors every day to say “Hello” and to check on their wellbeing. Within the past year, 10 individuals were in severe situations that included a broken hip, falls, medication reactions, blood clots, dehydration and diabetic shock.

“When I heard the telephone ring for my daily phone call, I knew that help would be on the way!”-Norma.

Norma Campbell-Hickey of Vero Beach was one recent example. She could not be reached by the Sunshine volunteer calling her and her back-up volunteer was alerted to check-in on her. It was found that she had indeed fallen and Emergency Responders were called to the scene. At this point Norma shared that she had fallen while she was in the bathtub 17 hours before help arrived. Fortunately, she was a little bruised but okay.

Similarly, Lillian Ziperman of Royal Palm Beach is not only a recipient of Sunshine calls, she also acts as a back-up for another friend on the program. Lillian had been alerted to the fact that her friend had not answered her Sunshine call. Her friend was found on her kitchen floor, with a broken hip and lacerated elbow. Lillian credits 211’s Sunshine for saving her friend’s life.

“I think that 211’s Sunshine is a wonderful program, I tell people about it all the time!” Lillian.

Stories like these come from real people who are overwhelmed- struggling with real problems.

They come from all walks of life and could be the elderly neighbor next door, the family at church, a fellow coworker, or the teen sitting on a bus bench as you drive by, who cannot take another day of bullying and wants to kill herself.

Remember your gift to 211 helps thousands!

211 HelpLine provides assistance & referrals in times of emotional, financial, and community crisis. Calls to 211 are free, confidential and available 24/7. For more information on programs and services simply call 2-1-1.


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