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Area 9 Family Care Council      Click here for website

County Served
Palm Beach 

Second Tuesday of each month at 9:30 AM

Agency for Persons with Disabilities
111 S. Sapodilla Avenue, Suite 204
West Palm Beach, FL 22401
(561) 398-2240
Council Contacts
Patricia Bell-Kennealy, Chairperson
Area 9 Family Care Council

Milory Senat, FCC Liaison 
Agency for Persons with Disabilities
111 S. Sapodilla Avenue, Suite 204
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 398-2240


Able United

“People with disabilities are now able to save and plan for the future.”
– Jenn Sikora, mother and ABLE United account administrator for her son



Born This Way

Honesty, humor and heart are at the center of A&E's original docuseries, which highlights the outgoing personalities and amazing abilities of seven young adults born with Down syndrome. 

Hourlong episodes follow the Southern California residents as they pursue passions and dreams, explore friendships and romantic relationships, and generally defy society's expectations. The series also allows the parents to talk about the joy their children bring to their family, and the challenges they face in helping them live as independently as possible.




ABC's TV Comedy Series:-SPEECHLESS

Maya DiMeo, a wife and mother, is fiercely protective of her husband, Jimmy, and their three children, Ray, Dylan, and J.J. -- who has a condition that leaves him with unique mobility and communication challenges. 

While Maya's mama bear instinct may be one of her most admirable qualities, it's not without its drawbacks and sometimes the injustices she sets out to make right end up being all in her head.

Together, the family members work to make a new home for themselves and find the right person to come in and give J.J. a voice of his own

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Improving Participation in Community Activities

Children with disabilities and their families often become somewhat socially isolated, picking and choosing the places they go, people they see, and things they do. This may be because community outings tend to be unpredictable and some outings may be associated with unpleasant experiences... p.34: Read more

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