Important: If you, or someone you know is suicidal  Dial 2-1-1 for immediate help!


While there is no single predictor of suicide, there are some common warning signs to watch for. A suicidal person may:

  • Talk about suicide, death, and/or no reason to live.
  • Be preoccupied with death and dying.
  • Withdraw from friends and/or social activities.
  • Have a recent, severe loss (especially a relationship), or threat of a significant loss.
  • Experience drastic changes in behavior.
  • Lose interest in hobbies, work, school, etc.
  • Prepare for death by making out a will (unexpectedly) and final arrangements.
  • Give away prized possessions.
  • Have attempted suicide before.
  • Take unnecessary risks; be reckless and/or impulsive.
  • Lose interest in their personal appearance.
  • Increase their use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Express a sense of hopelessness.
  • Be faced with a situation of humiliation or failure.
  • Have a history of violence or hostility.
  • Have been unwilling to "connect" with potential helpers.

Nearly everyone at some time in his or her life thinks about suicide. Most people decide to live because they come to realize that the crisis is temporary, but death is not. On the other hand, people in the midst of a crisis often perceive their dilemma as inescapable and feel an untter loss of control. Frequently, they:

  • Can't stop the pain
  • Can't think clearly
  • Can't make decisions
  • Can't see any way out
  • Can't sleep, eat, or work
  • Can't get out of the depression
  • Can't make the sadness go away
  • Can't see the possibility of change
  • Can't see themselves as worthwhile
  • Can't get someone's attention
  • Can't seem to get control

If you experience any of these feelings get help by dialing 2-1-1 locally, or 1-800-SUICIDE to speak with a trained specialist.

If you know someone who exhibits these feelings, offer to help by getting them in touch with professional programs and services that are available in the community.

Reference: Adapted from American Association of Suicidology, Some Facts about Suicide and Depression.